Idea Vs Execution

An idea can change your life! this is a popular punch line of a leading telecom company in India. Its a fact that an idea well conceieved and articulated has a potential to deliver a dream. There are many who would concur with me on that and vouch for power of good ideas. However, there are facets to it that need to be considered. A good idea is a good idea only if it is well presented and well represented, when it is translated in appropriate terms to gell with the context of the problem.

A good idea should carry the clarity that is required for the target audience to see through the intent and connect with people. This is why some time a simple idea works better than something that needs some thinking and articulation. An idea need not be profound or complex to be good and a bad idea need not be too simple for an ordinary person. An idea cannot exist in a vaccum it needs to serve a purpose and solve a problem too.

It’s only when potential benefit of the idea is understood that it gets the support and approval of stakeholders to carry it forward for implementation. From that aspect a good idea is only a beginning of a long journey. This where the power of flawless execution come in. An idea cannot see light of the day unless there is a similarly powerful execution capability behind it. So Idea and Execution cannot exist without each other. Simply put
Execution is what makes an idea come to life and these realized ideas tested in the test lab of time. That’ the reasom some ideas are timeless and some only situational. It doesn’t mean we need only timeless ideas, we need both of these types, realized and executed to perfection!

-Shyam Verma

One thought on “Idea Vs Execution

  1. Truely said ! An idea without implementation is just like a sword without edge. Idea is like a sprouting seed. Like a seed, which comes out of soil defying the laws of gravitation, always has a tree inside itself, an idea also has immense potential inside it to change the world if truely nurtured..

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