Meeting milestones

Are you a perfectionist? Are you detail oriented? Chances are if you are one, you know how tough it is to make things happen as planned! As you approach the final timeline for that critical project, you find yourself struggling with something that was not part of the scope or an additional task that could not be planned or something that came up at the last moment. It is a common scenario that we face in everyday life. What we do? How we achieve the objective! Well…it is best that you achieve 98% on time not 100% late! If you are late, everyone is disappointed, it doesn’t work for all. However, if you deliver on time but with something less important, not many people would fret. Scoping the task right, is the key. You can’t scope out 50% but surely you can have deliver 90-95% with some workaround for the remaining. So next time when you are hard pressed to meet that crucial deadline & it seems next to impossible, ask yourself what is that can wait or something that won’t make the project outcome irrelevant if it could be delivered few weeks later! Go back to sponsor & talk to your stakeholders, set the expectations and re-work the deliverables. Having said that, you can never be too detailed in your planning and should do that as carefully as possible.


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