5 traits of an effective Team Leaders

 Leading a team brings with it a number of challenges and can make you feel like no matter what you do, someone will always be unhappy. So you may wonder if you are doing the right things to succeed as a team leader? Here are 5 common things, as per my experience and observation that can be a great help.

1: Be an effective listener: One of the most important and yet most challenging things for all of us including the team leaders is effectively listening to others. It can be very tempting to try making things happen unilaterally hoping for quick results. This may help in the short term but it is highly unlikely to work in the long term. Make it a priority to listen actively and effectively during your interaction with your team and stakeholders. Also it might give you more than enough inputs to resolve open issues.

2: Treat one & all fairly: It’s possible you connect more with some people than others, also it’s possible that some people in your team do better work than others do. However you must realize that when it comes to treatment, you must set a benchmark in treating one & all fairly based on their contribution. Never have any personal biases for or against despite your own preferences. This would not only earn you respect from all but set the team up as a cohesive unit which is the real strength needed for successful project.

3: Translate vision in to roadmap:It is expected of you to provide clear and unambiguous directions to your team in your day today life. The team comes to expect timely and effective communication on what is being required by them on their duties and tasks. Hence it is of critical importance that you lead from the front and be on top of all issues and affair on which your team might need our guidance, advice or mentoring. A leader who is able to translate his vision in crystal clear roadmap is not only revered by the team but also trusted by the customer.

4: Decision making: It’s not possible that you would always make the best decisions. It is also not possible that you would be appreciated for all your decisions. However, it is your ability to take decision that separates you from your team. It is what provides you authority to carry out your plans & in turn motivates your team. If you are perceived to be depending on others for making critical decisions, chances are you would come out as a weak leader and lead to erosion credibility.

5: A genuine interest in others: At the end of the day, remember things get done by people working for you. Mutual trust and camaraderie among teams gets a boost when you are genuinely interested in them. As a leader, if you take interest in your people and their interests, it opens them more to you, allowing you to influence them more positively than if you treated them like a resource.  

Pl do not this list is by no means the complete, you sure need to add on to this as per your own learning

Shyam Verma, PMP, ITIL
Program & portfolio mgnt professional
LinkedIn:spverma. Twitter:Shammy11

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