Project management 2.0

What really is Project Management 2.0? A project per definition is a unique, transient endeavor undertaken to achieve a desired outcome using a methodology (implicit). In recent times, the discipline has positively been influenced by growing trends in technology and social media adoption of processes, tools and agile management approaches. These major influencers combined together to deliver a more relevant, contextual and transparent practices sometimes called social project management or Project management 2.0.

How Project management 2.0 is different: The term is subject to wide interpretations but it is clear that team collaboration is at the heart of project management 2.0.The social or project management 2.0 rapidly uses innovative tools brought about by web 2.0 technologies and social media tools such as Such applications include: Blogs, Wikis, Collaborative tools or SAAS software. The advent of faster communication technologies e.g. broadband and 3G services and dramatic fall in communication costs has made virtual teams collaborate more effectively by using web conferencing and instant messaging tools.

As a result the way projects have been defined, elaborated, implemented and managed have improved over the last few years because of advantages of new set of tools and more matured methodologies in play. Thereby improving project success ratio with matured and repeatable processes. Which in turn is effecting changes in perceived project roles e.g. project team & Project Manager. The later is now recognized to be facilitator and mentor rather someone issuing orders.

Social Media Impact: Imagine the best of social media features working for you in your project! PM tools based on Project Management 2.0 or Social project management such as Wrike and Liquid planner have these featured embedded in the tools and workflows to work for you. Consider you send email to your team mail integration updating project plan for you! Micro blogging feature is an easy way to clarify things within project teams, casual discussions or avoid unnecessarily meetings. This specific feature is really designed to help virtual and remote teams work effectively without being co-located. Project is about people running the show putting a social element in the tools people use brings knowledge pool to the best use and synchronized.

Need for Project management 2.0: The traditional project management is too much dependent on project manager control and provides absolute power unto him making the project outcome dependent him. In most cases the communication channeled to the upper management through one single person e.g. PM sometimes creating a bottleneck. This not only introduced a risk element but also undervalued contribution of the diverse skills of the team. The latest PM tools driven by social media and web 2.0 make team collaboration easier and simpler. A project is led and developed by the whole team, and each team member has the full information on the project while PM oversees the process governance and manages stakeholders.

Future ahead: Project management 2.0 continues to build on Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 tool set to represent power of many and or collective intelligence to create, support and present transparent operation view to the stakeholders. The evolving practice is expected to grow with underlined concepts and gain momentum. The best thing about project management 2.0 is that it allows bottom up and top down approaches to work in tandem when PM aligns those activities at the same time not only cutting routine and mundane activities but providing the complete project picture to all involved.

Shyam Verma, PMP, ITIL
Program & portfolio mgnt professional
LinkedIn:spverma. Twitter: Shammy11

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