True attitude!

When you think you rule the world, it is arrogance. When you don’t care who rules it and do your stuff, it is attitude. Ruling here is used in a very generic sense. Ruling might mean – running your organization, running the government, chairing some committee, etc..It can be anything like this.

One problem that seems to tag along with several people is that they either believe that they are powerless and are intimidated by some pseudo, self-proclaimed higher power in the society, or they believe that they can do anything they want because they proclaim themselves as very powerful. There is very thin line to walk there. One person might exhibit both tendencies at different point in time. For instance, at his work place, he might be intimidated by his boss and not have the courage to express his heart’s will. When the same person returns home, he might be showing off his “power” to his family, friends and neighbors. These people are neither here nor there.

Attitude is not exhibiting either of these qualities but staying right on the middle. Exactly what someone put in in below words!
“Don’t walk as if you rule the world but walk as if you don’t care who rules it…That is attitude.”