Who needs Lean Six Sigma?

There was a time when only big and large corporations could take advantage of production and process improvement methodologies e.g.Six Sigma. Initially Six Sigma was recommended only for firms larger than $1Bn. But now with Lean Six Sigma it is possible for mid size firms also be benefited. In fact Lean six sigma is better for them as it can provide a powerful combination of the Lean manufacturing approach and Six Sigma. The two concepts are not too different in their applications and goals. Lean Six Sigma works on the philosophy of increasing speed by focusing on waste reduction.The result of Lean applications is shown in the improvement of quality and on reduced processing times and costs. Combining 6 sigma with Lean manufacturing augments short-term results with the power of significant changes. The result is Lean Six Sigma. Corporations increasingly prefer implementing Lean Six Sigma. Some of the reasons can be attributed to
-Wide applicability across industries and sectors.Industries across the board have accepted and successfully implemented the seamless Lean Six Sigma tool. Interestingly Lean Six Sigma is increasingly being implemented in non-manufacturing sectors which some time ago was not considered to be right targets.
-Quicker improvements:The reason it results in faster-than-expected reduction of production time and costs. Mainly because of the application tools such as kaizen, kanban and poka yoke.
-Delivers value to end users:Implementation of Lean six sigma results in tangible and real value creation for consumers & they receive better experiences in terms of increased utility and reduced prices. It also directly improves firm’s bottom line.
-Practical to execute: LSS facilitates transformation of organizations by creating a powerful linkage between strategic priorities and improvements in operations.
-Sustainable: It is highly sustainable approach, being woven into every aspect of business, leads to the creation of sustainability from top down. Sustainability results from the quick realization of tangible benefits of implementing the program.
With Lean Six Sigma it is possible to streamline their operations and to create value for both management and customers alike.